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Here’s what top martial artists using the Masterclass Grappling Curriculum are saying…

“The BJJ America grappling curriculum and ranking program John and David have created gives serious martial artists the clear tools they need to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and teach it to their students. This is why my organization has made it our official grappling curriculum, and I encourage all my black belts use it.”Chuck Norris

“Your program is extremely well done, both David and John demonstrate and explain the details and drills the best I’ve ever seen. The combination of the videos and the well done visuals and written material support each other so well. Running a highly successful Martial Arts Organization of my own makes it difficult to find the time to travel to seminars and other people’s dojos on a regular basis. A program like this is awesome for someone like me as a guideline for classroom training with my own students. I am grateful to both of you for putting together such an outstanding format that is easy to follow and understand.”Steve LaVallee
Chief Master Instructor
Mentor of Martial Arts Millionaires

“I highly recommend this grappling curriculum and its books and DVDs to any instructor that wants to quickly and efficiently to add grappling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to his or her school. It is the best organized and presented information I have seen for instruction of any martial art.”Richard Norton
- Multi-style Black Belt
- Kickboxer
- Bodyguard to the Stars
- Action Movie Star

“I helped develop this grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum to make it easy for my Hapkido school to add grappling to what we offer our students. It has worked perfectly for me and it will for you to.”Fariborz Azhakh
Team Karate Centers
Woodland Hills, CA

“This curriculum has helped me incorporate a clear and methodical grappling program into my school. Dave and John are excellent instructors and the material in the books and video tapes is presented in an extremely clear and easy to learn manner. I recommend this to any school looking to add grappling to what they offer their students.”Cliff Lenderman
Lenderman Martial Arts Academy
Tacoma, Washington

“This is the best looking martial arts instructional manual I”ve ever seen. Bravo! Great design, perfect pictures, great progression of techniques. Every serious student of the martial arts should add these volumes to their library.”Tom Callos
6th Dan Tae Kwon Do

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the material. I have been training in martial arts for about 13 years. Never have I encountered such a well presented set of material. I am astounded with the structure and simplicity of the instruction. I truly enjoy the drills that coincide with the fundamentals. This has been one of the missing aspects to my existing Kenpo curriculum. It is my intent to add this to my post Black Belt curriculum. The Masterclass material has revitalized my spirit in the martial arts and I look forward to introducing it to my students. Thank you for your time and effort, and making this material available.”Michael Browne
International Black Belt Academy
Boulder, Colorado

“Great format and instruction! I think you guys have nailed it as far as video instruction is concerned. The Masterclass Curriculum is wonderful, very easy instruction and application. It is the apex of all instruction in my opinion, like having a private lesson with two renowned martial artists… I love it!”Brian Curnel
Academy of Submission Arts
Decatur, Alabama

BJJ America as an organized, step by step grappling program that changed our school, improved our retention and enhanced our Black Belt program. On our very first class of BJJ we enrolled 15 new students, and these 15 new students alone will bring in over 13,000 this year.  After 35 years of martial arts I feel like a beginner again- motivated and inspired to train hard.
Thank you David Meyer and John Will!

Mike Bogdanski
7th Dan Tang Soo Do
Mike Bogdanski Martial Arts
Putnam, CT

The BJJ AMerica grappling curriculum has added 40 new students and $50K a year to my school by providing a cutting edge grappling program.  Just as important John and David provide amazing technical support and educational support to their products. If you are thinking about an MMA program, this has to be your grappling component.  There is nothing like this out there anywhere.

Korbett Miller
Miller’s Martial Arts Academy
Kirkland, WA