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School owners

“What Do the World’s Greatest Martial Artists Like:

Chuck NorrisErnie Reyes, and Rigan Machado Have in Common?”

They ALL Absolutely Love the Professional Grappling Curriculum!”

Read On to Discover How the Professional Grappling Curriculum is THE Martial Art Business’s “Heavy-Hitter’s” SECRET WEAPON for Student Retention, Attracting New Students, Building a Successful School, and Maximizing Profits

From: The Desks of Masters John B. Will & David Meyer

Dear Fellow Martial Artist,

We’ve heard hundreds of school owners the world over give the same complaints again and again as to why their schools aren’t as successful as they could be and why they aren’t flooded with devoted students ready, willing, and eager to learn:

I just can’t keep my students. In this depressed economy times are so hard and students are just coming and going. As soon as I sign a new student an old one leaves!”

“People just aren’t interested in the martial arts anymore…”

“People can’t afford memberships. I have to lower my prices and give out free lessons just to get people into the front door…”

“The market is too saturated and I can’t compete with the big MMA and BJJ schools taking over everywhere…”

While it may be easy to blame the recession or market competition for a current lack of students and a faltering martial arts school it is surprisingly NOT the cause. Let me explain…

The reality is that market research shows there are actually HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of students and potential students eager and willing to commit to the martial arts. Tough economic times can’t stop these rising mass affluent (a.k.a., the “new & young rich”) from experiencing their dreams and desires. These are a very special segment of the martial arts market and they are not held by by money or financial issues.

The Real Problem

In our experience – and according to current market research – there are TWO primary reasons schools are having trouble keeping students and bringing in new ones:

  1. FIRST – Students often quit training because they feel they are no longer improving; they feel they have achieved enough proficiency in their given art that they no longer have a reason to stay. Sometimes they even report being bored with the same repetition of kata or forms that are required to master their art, and once they have it mastered, they have nothing else to train for. In short, they are looking for something more than they’re being offered; for the next best thing; for a fresh opportunity to improve and grow as a martial artist… and as a martial artist and school owner it is your sworn responsibility to provide them with that opportunity! In short: Many students see their black belt as a sign that it is time to move away from their school and branch out in new directions. The real problem and pain behind this reality is that: Unless you offer them the experience for growth and expansion they seek, they WILL find it somewhere else.
  2. SECOND – People interested in martial arts are generally drawn to it in this modern day and age due to the prevalence of MMA and events like the UFC. In other words, when they come to a martial arts school or dojo, they are coming with the expectation that what they will get is an experience that resembles and reflects the one they envision in their minds. That means they WANT a legitimate grappling and martial art experience. Sure, they may want to master karate, kenpo, taekwondo, or aikido; however, these arts will serve them only temporarily and do not provide the experience they are expecting to receive! Here we have a different scenario, but the same results as with our last problem: Unless you offer them the experience of martial art they seek, they will find it somewhere else!

The Real Solution

“Refusing to Accept, Acknowledge, and ACT on These Two Realities  Is What Prevents the Majority of School Owners from Experiencing the Most Success They Can, While Providing Their Student Base with the Highest Possible Quality of Martial Art Experience”

The problem here is obvious: Either current students need something more or new, prospective students desire a specific kind of martial art experience. The most successful, intelligent, and savvy school owners out there know this truth and that’s why they’ve found a real solution to these problems in the Professional Grappling Curriculum.

Even masters like Chuck Norris are using this revolutionary program to harness the appeal and power of grappling into traditional martial arts:

Master Chuck Norris & Master John B. Will“The Professional Grappling Curriculum and BJJ America ranking program John and David have created gives serious martial artists the clear tools they need to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu and teach it to their students. This is why my organization has made it our official grappling curriculum, and I encourage all my black belts use it.” - Master Chuck Norris, Founder of Chun Kuk Do & the UFAF

The Professional Grappling Curriculum provides you with literally EVERYTHING you need to set up and operate a highly effective and successful grappling program in your school vs. allowing your students – or prospective new students – to find it elsewhere.

Just as with our Alpha MMA Curriculum, the Professional Grappling Curriculum will help you stand out high above the rest of the “McDojo’s” and run-of-the-mill BJJ/ MMA schools that offer less for more. It’s already helped HUNDREDS of school owners build highly successful and profitable schools!

“The Professional Grappling Curriculum has added 40 NEW students and $50,000.00 a year to my schoolby providing a cutting edge grappling program. Just as important, John and David provide amazing technical and educational support to their programs. If you are thinking about a grappling or MMA program for your school, this has to be your grappling component. There is nothing like it anywhere!” – Korbett Miller, Miller’s Martial Arts Academy in Kirland, WA, USA

So WHO exactly is the Professional Grappling Curriculum Right For?

  • It’s the perfect fit for ANYONE who owns a martial arts school and is looking to the ultimate student retention tool!..
  • It’s for ANYONE with a martial arts school no matter what your primary art is… our members include school owners that teach karate, taekwondo, judo, aikido, tai chi and kung fu, and several other traditional arts!
  • It’s perfect for ANYONE who wishes to add the element of grappling and Brazilian jiu-jits to their school programs WITHOUT sacrificing their culture of respect, loyalty, honor, and discipline
  • It’s perfect for ANYONE who owns a martial art school and wants to effortlessly attract new, devoted students on a continuous basis
  • It’s perfect for ANYONE who wishes to begin learning NOW to implement grappling into their school program options and provide extra value to their black belts down the road…
  • It’s for ANYONE wishing to provide their students with the highest possible quality of martial art and grappling experience
  • It’s for ANYONE that wants to build a more successful school and add TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS a year to their income (as it has for many already – just see our testimonials!)…
  • It’s for ANYONE who wants to have a program that is designed to keep students engaged & excited about training for YEARS to come
  • It’s for ANYONE needing a more complete grappling curriculum than what they already have… the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling in our curriculum is the perfect compliment to judo, traditional jujutsu, and even wrestling/ MMA/ shoot-fighting…
  • For ANYONE wishing to add a reality-based/ structure-based ground-fighting class to their school (these types of classes can be modified for and marketed to women, children, and other special interest groups – a VERY successful class model!)…
  • For ANYONE wishing to add the element of fun, excitement, and a fresh experience to their school and students
  • For ANYONE wanting to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu, from the basic techniques all the way up to the advanced strategies…
  • For ANYONE at all!

Want Even Better News? The Professional Grappling Curriculum is Brain-Dead Simple & Cost-Effective to Implement

Our curriculum is a structured, 9-Level program, covered in 3 DVDs and 2 large, custom-made Instructor’s Manuals which are all of the highest quality as well as very simple and concise.

Each DVD has been shot from THREE distinct camera angles, giving you a complete perspective to properly learn each technique.

Each technique is demonstrated in meticulous, masterful detail, laying out the key points and technical complexities needed to become proficient in grappling.

The entire curriculum program – and each individual technique – is demonstrated with the idea in mind that you will want to learn and teach them tomorrow, thus stream-lining the learning and implementation process…

Even details missing from other curriculum programs are included, such as: safety tips, proper warm-up exercises and body-conditioning drills, as well as simple ideas to help you to effectively market and promote your grappling classes/ program.

The manuals themselves serve as “quick-reference” tools so you can access them anywhere, at any time – whether at school or on the mat at class-time… there is even a space on the pages of the manuals for your personal notes and capturing ideas while you teach!

“But What if I Don’t Feel Comfortable Offering Grappling at My School? What if Someone Challenges My Credentials?”

Good question. Fortunately, grappling is a generic term and no one questions it, just as no one questions a school owner that advertises that they teach “striking.” With hundreds of schools already using our program, no one has ever had a single complaint or issue with this. So long as you don’t advertise that you are teaching or ranked in Brazilian jiu-jitsu itself, you will never have a problem.

Teaching grappling doesn’t require any special certifications or ranks. You don’t need to be a “ranked” black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu – or any other art for that matter – in order to teach grappling any more than you need to be Michael Jordan to teach basketball! All you need is a structured, easy-to-use system, which the Professional Grappling Curriculum is!

“This All Makes Sense, But I Would Still Want to Be Certified Somehow Before I Started Teaching… How Do I Go About That?”

Our coaches are available to teach seminars or have you come to us for private lessons, whereby you can be certified and feel that you have been given a proper evaluation prior to teaching your class, even though you would still need to know the material in the curriculum first. It is easy to do and if you have any reservations regarding certifications, you can contact us for more information by clicking Here.

“So Who Else Wants to be a Part of the Ever-Growing, Always-Prosperous ‘New Wave’ of Martial Arts?”

If you are TRULY serious about making the most of yourself, your students, and your school, don’t hesitate on this opportunity. You can choose from any of the three options below that best suits your personal goals and needs:

BASIC Option - Professional Grappling Curriculum: Levels 1-3


- Introduction to Grappling Curriculum Level 1-3 (1 DVD)

- Expert Manual 1

- Technical support & advice from both Masters John Will & David Meyer

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ADVANCED Option - Professional Grappling Curriculum: Levels 4-9


- Curriculum Levels 4-9 (2 DVDs)

- Expert Manual 2

- Technical support & advice from both Masters John Will & David Meyer

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>>>>The Best Deal <<<< ELITE Option – Professional Grappling Curriculum: Levels 1-9


- Curriculum Levels 1-9 (3 DVDs)

- Expert Manuals 1 & 2

Mat Rats Kids’ Grappling Program (1 DVD - a $197.00 valueFREE with the ELITE Option Only!)

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