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Sample videos

The BJJ America grappling curriculum is a 9 level program, covered in 3 DVDs and two large manuals. It is designed, tested and proven to give you world class results. The curriculum provides the very best foundation for the development of expert-level grappling skills. These clearly defined procedures and skill-sets build upon one another to achieve a predictable result.

Curriculum Program Includes: (click here for detailed list)

Level 1 - Positions, Transitions, Sweeps and Drills

Level 2 - Armbars, Armlocks and Chokes

Level 3 - Sweeps, Passes and Escapes

Level 4 – Intermediate Chokes and Armbars

Level 5 - Takedowns

Level 6 - Advanced Passes and Escapes

Level 7 - Advanced Sweeps

Level 8 - Advanced Chokes and Armbars

Level 9 - Footlocks, Legbars and Advanced Armlocks

Below are a series of short video clips from each of the 9 levels of the BJJ America Grappling/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Curriculum. The quality of the video has been greatly reduced for quicker viewing over the internet. These samples are just to give you an idea of the why schools are so impressed with the clarity and detail of the instruction. Techniques average 5 minutes of detailed of instruction with three camera angles.

Level 1 – Bridging Escape from Mount

Level 2 – Far Armbar from Kneeride

Level 3 – Leg Grab Rollover Sweep

Level 4 – Spin-under Armbar

Level 5 – Ankle Shoot Takedown

Level 6 – Switchbase Escape from Head to Head

Level 7 – Hook & Leg-lift Sweep

Level 8 – Crucifix Far Collar Choke

Level 9 – Rolling Legbar