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Individual Home Training

Do you want to accelerate your learning of grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Is there no qualified instructor in your area, or is the instructor you have a great fighter but perhaps not the best teacher and you are not learning techniques and skills in an organized fashion?

Over 400 hundred martial arts schools in the United States and numerous individual practitioners ranging from top competitors to casual enthusiasts use the BJJ America Grappling Curriculum to give them the clear, detailed and structured guidance and training they need.

They understand, as you do, that with the unparalleled popularity of mixed martial arts, more and more people are becoming well rounded fighters, and to stay competitive, fighters must know grappling as well as striking or they will be at a severe competitive disadvantage.

The Professional Grappling Curriculum is a clear step-by-step, methodical and detailed program, using the highest quality DVDs and instructional manuals, and is specifically designed to teach you BJJ in a quick and easy-to-learn style, whether you have no grappling experience at all, or years of experience.

Beginners use our program to take them from square one, giving them the clearest instruction possible on the fundamentals and basics that set the foundation for a solid ground game in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

BJJ Black Belts use our program to remind them of crucial details that even the best fighters often overlook. The moves in the curriculum are shown in a logical order, shot from 3 camera angles, and key points and safety tips are highlighted both on the DVDs and in the manuals.

We support our clients via newsletters, individual e-mails and by phone. We also are available to travel to teach seminars to help your increase your skill level.

Please click here to view samples, click here to view testimonials, click here to see a list of the techniques in our 9-level curriculum, or click here for purchase options.